(VIDEO) Tesla Model S P85D - best car in the world?


Tesla Model S P85D best car in the world ... It is the reference of the US car guide - Consumer Reports - who says it!


At Consumer Reports tests are taken seriously, for each test the company buys  the car and tests it over a full year, to experience and judge the reliability and service in the same way as a conventional buyer would.
The test results of the world fastest series electric car Model S P85D (priced at € 109,700) just came out yesterday!


Porsche and start-ups in pursuit of Tesla


Tesla's electric sedan this time again pushed the boundaries of the ranking, while in 2013 the Model S had achieved a record 99/100, the latest model of the Palo Alto brand that features 4-wheel drive and 772hp just got 103/100!!

The extent of the result is such for the US market that Tesla share rose by more than 8% in the day!


Last word on Tesla sales volumes, the Model S is expected to exceed 50,000 units sold in the year for an initial target of 55,000 - a figure to put in perspective with the French national sales volume of 10,555 in 2014...


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