Nosmoke, the electric Mini Moke officializes its French distributor!


The Nosmoke is an electric Mini Moke built by Noun, a Chinese brand, one year ago we presented you the new model of the brand, now distributed by DUPRAT in France!

As the summer and holidays are coming to an end manufacturers prolong the pleasure with concepts and summer vehicles, eg Citroën will explore the electric Neo-Retro segment with the Cactus M in Frankfurt 2015, or the Bolloré BlueSummer whose price and function place it as direct competitor!



The Nosmoke by Noun

Its advantage, with 10kW of power, it is a quadricycle available from 16 years with license B1 (in France) while it can seat 4 people!

The weight is announced at 550kg without batteries (weight of batteries undisclosed) but they are Lead Gel, lifespan of 3 to 4 years, included in the purchase price. They are  8 x 12V battery, a total of 96Volts that allow 100km of range, more than enough to go to the beach and back! The full recharge takes 7 to 8 hours.


Priced at € 15,990 with six standard colors (more available on request) the Nosmoke is guaranteed 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage!

Comparative BlueSummer vs Nosmoke

Note that the BlueSummer's price is with French bonus deducted which would bring the Nosmoke price to 12.800€

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