Electric bicycle kit: Go-e bike, removable and easy to install


The Austrian company OnWheel presents on KickStarter an electrification system for your bike that relies on a roller technology such as the good old Solex!

We already presented Rubee a kit "all in one" based on the same roller technology or Velospeeder, this time it's the rear wheel that turns your bike electric!



Installing the kit and components detail

The first installation of the brackets and wires takes 5 minutes, then fitting the components just a few seconds!

The battery is placed on the frame, the electric motor under the crankset, the roller powers the wheel only when you pedal, otherwise it will automatically release to avoid creating more friction thanks to a swingarm and sensor!

The 25.2volts 200Wh battery authorizes a range of 60km (weight not listed), the motor unit weighs 850grammes. Obviously given the position of the electric motor, it is completely waterproof (as evidenced by the video).

The Go-e kit is controllable via an application or a classic manual cursor


The engine power is configurable from 250Watt to 800Watt which then allows a maximum speed of 45kph - of course within the framework of the pedelec standard that applies in Europe it will be limited to 25kph and 250Watt, otherwise your bike  will be considered as moped...

Obviously the level of battery charge, speed and range are also indicated, finally this application blocks the motor when you are parked with an unlock code needed!

While 19 days of funding remain Go-e needs are already met more than two times!


Price and delivery of the Go-e kit


The first deliveries are expected in October but if you buy now will have to wait November / December because all the stocks of the first production series are already sold - it is offered on KickStarter at 499€, after the fundraising campaign it will be 599€!

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