Premium electric sedan, the race is on!


Update of August 22nd article with Mercedes that also enters the race!

While Tesla continues to flow some Model S all over the world, manufacturers and entrepreneurs start the chase on the segment of premium electric sedan!


An electric Mercedes with 500km range

On September 3rd, Thomas Weber, development chief at Mercedes declared to Automotive News that they are working on a Model S fighter with 400 to 500km of range, the brand can use the developments made for the electric vehicles built in-house such as the SLS Electric Drive to offer a high-performance premium electric car, Thomas Weber added that the car will come "soon"!


Electric Aston Martin Rapide

It is now official - since the confirmation of Andy Palmer, the brands' CEO this week - after the hydrogen Aston Rapide prototype developed with Global Alset it is towards 100% electric that the bristish brand will turn!
Performances? All-wheel drive and 800hp are expected for a price between €200.000 and € 250.000, its reveal is planned in 2 years!



Porsche Pajun

We mentioned it a few days ago, Porsche might reveal a baby Panamera and 100% electric at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.


"Le Supercar"

No doubt that the Chinese market is a paradise for these luxury electric sedan, Jia Yueting, a Chinese billionaire who owns LeTV (the Chinese equivalent of Netflix) makes no mistake and has announced a concept called "Le Supercar" - therefore he hired a team of 600 people to develop the car, 400 in China, 200 in the US, they re supervised by Tony Nie, a founder of Lotus China!
The presentation of the concept car is expected for the Beijing Auto Show in 2016 with a release on the market in 2018.


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