(VIDEO) Urban Rush, the future of electric bikes


Urban Rush is the project of the designer Florian Mayer who imagined for the brand Canyon an ideal electric bike for urban cyclists!



Starting from the fact that the urban cyclist spends only 15% of the time to really ride, the rest being acceleration and braking, or going in the traffic ... The remaining 85% are considered as negative / stressful experience in urban conditions with heavy traffic!

The intelligent "e-boost" technology compensates in the  acceleration phase, also for safety matters in order to minimize the difference of speeds between bike and car, called "flow" it smoothens the efforts and contributes to enhance the experience.




The Urban Rush is designed as a hybrid between city bike and mountain bike with a distribution of 60/40%.




The electric motor is placed at the front with a micro-suspension fork that will absorb defects from the road. The electric motor allows regenerative braking.

Front and rear lights are fitted with LED strips

At the rear, an intelligent hub with automatic transmission and a belt drive, even the brake is integrated into the hub!

The battery is a supercapacitor that stores energy and returns it very quickly (eg KERS technology in Formula 1) built into the frame, the other benefit of this technology is the weight that is limited to 900 grams!



We love the design and resolutely urban technology solutions to make the bike the perfect city commute! It is still too early to imagine it in stores on a short term trade but within 3-5 years it may represent the future of electric bikes!


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