Spyker comes back with Volta Volaré's wings!


We presented the project Volta Volaré in 2012, a series hybrid aircraft with a combustion engine used as generator.... The news may have been missed has it happened during the holidays but that company decided to merge with the legendary Dutch brand Spyker to pool the development of electric vehicles.


The announcement was made through an official press release from Spyker in late July.
Volta Volaré is a company based in Portland, Oregon, they develop a 4 seat hybrid aircraft and the merger with Spyker can only preview an electric Spyker !!



Since 2011 the Dutch brand did not produce any vehicle while 250 units were produced before the 15th anniversary of the brand ... However Spyker unveiled a concept in 2013, the B6 Venator in picture here, more aggressive, in line with the C8 Aileron, it could very well be the first to receive an electric powertrain!



About their common future Victor R. Muller Spyker CEO simply said that Spyker was now ready to build "sensationally elegant and classy (electric) motorcars and electric planes for decades to come."

No release date yet but it promises an electrifying come back!!


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