(VIDEO) Personal Mobility Device : Walkcar is a MacBook with wheels


Always on the lookout for new vehicles and new inventions, we regularly present personnal mobility devices, whether they serve for the last mile logistics, helping to develop intermodality, or more likely recreational objects, here is the most compact and easy to use, the WalkCar by CocoaMotors.


Often single-person carriers are either bulky or require several hours / days of experience not to end-up with your face on the ground...

We think about the Solowheel that is increasingly present in our cities or in the more stable and larger ones the cylindrical two-wheeled that rappers seem to have adopted and are spreading the trend...



The WalkCar is barely larger than a laptop and has four small wheels, as such it can be easily stored in a backpack or a womans' bag...

Technically, according to the video, the two front wheels drive and those in the back give direction, the device stops  as soon as you get off or jump on the way!

This WalkCar by CocoaMotors has 12km of range and can support up to 120kg, the weight is not revealed yet, the full charge takes three hours.

Still in the prototype stage it should cost $ 800 if the KickStarter fundraiser goes as planned - it will be  launched next October!

For the fun here's a daredevil test of these famous single person carriers



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