Tesla Model X competition by BMW and Audi coming... in 2018!


For the Frankfurt Motor to open in September, Audi will present the C-BEV also called Q6 (e-tron), a 100% electric SUV imagined to face the Model X, but rumors also announce a response from BMW with the BMW X7!


Audi C-BEV // Q6 e-tron

Already leaked with a mule on the Nurburgring here are first drawings of Audi's concept of electric SUV, the C-BEV that previews the Q6.


For the moment no precise specifications but we expect 500hp and 700nm (probably in peak) via at least three electric motors, with a battery range of up to 500km from a 90kWh pack!
Its release is planned for 2018.



At BMW, the rumor is less widespread than the Q6 but logically and given its positioning and its brand BMWi, BMW cannot remain in the dark!

The BMW Blog announces that a new model, the BMW X7 should have a 100% electric derivate.

But again, the X7 is not expected before 2018 on the catalog ....


Plug-in hybrids to keep us waiting

If you trust German cars only, you can wait with the plug-in hybrid of the brands: X5 eDrive and Q7 e-tron.


For the record the arrival of the Model X on the roads is planned for September and production has already begun in California!


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