(VIDEO) Slide - the Hoverboard by Lexus


To continue rejuvenating its image - Lexus will introduce on August 5th an amazing vehicle, a flying skateboard / hoverboard!


Since 2012, Lexus continues to rejuvenate the range and image and in early August, the brand will take a more radical turn!
After the IS, RC and NX the brand decided to make an impression with the dream vehicle of the 25-35 generation, the Hoverboard of Back to the Future !!



The Lexus Hover called Slide is put between the feet of Ross McGouran an English skate champion making a demonstration that remains for the moment as a teaser at least until August!


Other concepts of Hoverboard

This is certainly more a promotional clip to assert itself in a young and dynamic movement than a desire to market a flying skateboard but to follow!

The Hoverboard is part of the brand's projects launched as part of a campaign called Amazing Motion.


The Slide with its bamboo deck is made even more spectacular with liquid nitrogen escaping from the skateboard in smoke!

In other projects, Lexus had also presented a quadrotor Swarm.

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