Youxia X – This Chinese company wants to challenge Tesla’s upcoming model 3... with a clone!


Youxia Motors is a new Chinese company / manufacturer led by the 28 year old Huang Xiuyuan whose ambition is reminiscent of a certain Elon Musk!

Indeed the young Chinese first dreamt of this Youxia then he hired a team of 50 engineers to make it come true!

Specs and price of the Youxia X

Power is announced at 362hp and the 0 to 100kph in 5.6 seconds, for the batteries Youxia is modeled on the Tesla’s electric sedan with three packs 40, 60 or 85kWh for a range of 220km, 330km, 459km.
Price starts at 290.000Yuans (€ 42,250) government grant excluded (90.000Yuans) up 390.000Yuans (€ 56,900), production is scheduled to begin in late 2016 for delivery in 2017!

Youxia X vs Tesla Model S

About the resemblance on the outside, the grille is indeed glaring, like the front fenders and chrome insert but otherwise Youxia signs a rather original and nice looking vehicle.

For the interior the reminiscence is more obvious starting with the symbol on the steering wheel whose shape is very close to Tesla’s such as the large touch screen and overall design....


Another well-known vehicle inspired the Youxia X, K2000 or Knight Rider with a "holographic" screen in the grille that can display a number of logos according to your mood or even the famous KITT scrolling red line, to stay with K2000, the Youxia X can borrow the sound of the Ferrari of your dreams at the touch of a button!


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