A cool electric car coming from Morgan, the EV3


In 2011, the legendary English sports car brand, Morgan, launched the equally mythical 3 wheeler / cycle car, a nut shell with spoked wheels and a motorcycle engine at the front for a devastating look in “So British” colors!

For the 2015 GoodWood Festival of Speed, Morgan should unveil an electric version that we will introduce in this article, it is called the Morgan EV3.


The principle remains the same, sitting on the floor, hair in the wind with minimum weight for maximum thrills - but this time it's a rear wheel drive and while the gasoline version develops 120hp, the electric version could offer 101hp, but with the instant torque and peak power of the electric motors....

If the weight gain due to the batteries is not too important, the Morgan EV3 will have performances very close to those of the petrol version which offers a 0 to 100kph in 4.5 seconds, and a top speed of 185kph! Autonomy should settle at around 200km, more than enough for some sporty countryside escapes in silence !!

Launch on the market is expected in 2016, no price is announced but the classic 3wheeler costs € 42,900 in France...

Via GTSpirit

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