Velantur Art-Tech, Spain wants a luxury electric vehicle


Here is the first image of the electric car project Velantur Art-Tech, a vehicle designed for "exclusive vehicles enthusiasts’."

Velantur Cars is a joint venture between two Spanish companies, on one hand the descendants of a Spanish luxury automotive brand Hurtan (which produce classic roadsters named Albaycin with a retro style a bit like Morgan) and on the other hand, the company Jofemar specializing in vending machines and having a branch dedicated to electric mobility!

Jofemar Electromobility has therefore developed the powertrain and electric motor, Retrofactory (Hurtan / Hurtado family) the design and conception of the Velantur Art-Tech.

The car whose sales should begin in 2016 - once the vehicle and its industrialization developed - will be produced in the former Santana Motor factory in Linares to achieve a design and production 100% Spanish!

Velantur announces an innovative vehicle at the edge of technology

For the moment no specs sheet and just a teaser image, a coupe with 3 doors and very round shape!

For the record, the folding car from the MIT, the Hiriko should have also be produced in Spain but the project seems on standby, such as the Caspel-Podadera ...

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