Chinese electric cars at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show


The 2015 Shanghai Auto Show is the most dynamic showcase of the electric vehicle market, after an article yesterday on plug-in hybrids, here are some electric cars not to be missed!

The electric Supercar Qiantu K50 Event

Presented in world premiere this is not a concept-car but a pre-production vehicle of a car that will be launched in China in 2016 for a price estimated around 700.000Yuans, the equivalent of € 105,000.

This electric supercar has 400hp and 650nm of torque on the rear wheels that allow it to reach 100kph in 5 seconds, the 41.1kWh battery gives a 200km range with a weight of 1685kg.

Zinoro Concept NEXT

Another selection of our editorial team, the result of the alliance between BMW and Brilliance, a concept-car of SUV which follows the 1E - an electric SUV based on the X1 - it looks like its succession!

No information on its specs sheet but to recall the Zinoro 1E offers 168hp and 250 nm for a Vmax of 130kph and a range of 150km.

Also remember that Daimler also has a local brand of EV called Denza, born from the alliance with BYD.

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