Volta BCN, the 8.000€ electric bike arrives in 2015


We talked several times about the Volta BCN electric motorcycles, a Spanish brand created in 2011 and since the end of 2013 we had not heard of them ... But they announce today in a press release the imminent arrival of the production version!

Indeed, after months of waiting, the final version of the Volta BCN - that you see in the photos of this article - will be presented at the Barcelona Motorcycle Show which takes place from 9 to 17th May!

The bike gets the name of the city and wants to showcase the will of Barcelona to become the benchmark in sustainable mobility (remember the e-scooter sharing program Motit or the Xkuty One).

Pre-bookings will therefore open on the Show with a quite reasonable price announced at € 8000 while most of the competitors are around 15.000!! The brand is currently finalizing its distribution network in Europe!


Two models remain on the catalog, the BCN Sport and BCN City, featuring both 35hp of power and 70km of range but accessorized differently! 2,000 charge cycles are listed, equivalent to 75.000kms, then the battery  goes down to 80% of its original capacity! 

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