(VIDEO) 500hp Peugeot 308 R Hybrid: Supercar specs and Prius emissions


Aiming to seduce the Chinese market a little more and consolidate its brand image, on the Shanghai Motor Show, Peugeot reveals the 308 R HYbrid, a plug-in hybrid not to be confused with HybridAir!

500hp and 730nm!

The goal is to present an extreme 308 with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, to do so Peugeot uses a 1.6lTHP tuned to 270hp and two 115hp electric motors on each axle (connected to the gearbox at the front, the other placed directly on the rear axle), it must be four-wheel drive to get the power to the ground!

This 308 R Hybrid offers Supercar performances with the 0 to 100kph in 4 seconds, a top speed of 250kph and promises a powerful and efficient braking with the electric motors that can regenerate and decelerate even at the maximum speed! The 3kWh Lithium-Ion battery is placed under the rear seats!

For the information an Audi RS3 (4.3s), A-Class 45 AMG (4.6s) or BMW 135i xDrive (4.7s) are way behind in front of such power and especially with emissions of just 70g per km

Four drive modes are available, Hot Lap makes available maximum power and torque, then declining, the Track mode: 400hp and 530nm, the Road mode: 300hp and 400Nm and finally the ZEV mode, where only electric motors work (mainly the rear one).

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