Bmw i5, an i8 GranCoupé for the US and China


While the rumor runs for many months, the German magazine AutoBild put on the cover page a rendering of what could be the design of the BMW i5 (unofficial name) and informations about its powertrain!

Plug-in hybrid sedan, it will be the combustion alter-ego and competitor of the Tesla Model S!

Therefore it needs to be faithful to the Bavarian brand and to equal the performances of the American electric sedan! the 600+hp announced should be enough with a 218hp gasoline engine and two electric motors 150hp on the front and 272hp in the back.

Last info confirming BMW's intentions with respect to Tesla, the range in electric only could reach 125km instead of the usual 50km on plug-in hybrids!

The platform that will serve as basis, will be the LWB 5-Series ActiveHybrid developed and sold in China, that explains the mule of plug-in hybrid 5-Series GT spotted recently!

Its arrival in showroom is expected for 2018, but it will be sold primarly in the US and China, with prices starting at 100,000€!

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