(VIDEO) Green classic: this 800hp electric Mustang is for sale


Here is the return of the green-classic section with an 800hp electric Ford Mustang, the Zombie 222, a 1968 Mustang Fastback that serves as demonstrator for Bloodshed Motors leaving way behind the V8 muscle-cars in drag-race !

Bloodshed Motors is composed by John Wayland and Mitch Medford, two Americans who have decided to convert classic cars to electric supercars! John is at the genesis of the project with his White Zombie that we already presented on the website, Mitch is a Texan businessman who helps him to put his dream on the market!
They chose the American myth Mustang to offer conversion kits! Given the number of vehicles available that makes quite a potential market!!

The Zombie 222 is the demonstrator and receives the highest level of performance with two electric motors and two controllers for 800hp and 2440nm of torque! Also this Zombie 222 has no trouble reaching 100kph in just 2.4secondes and a top speed of 280kph!

The three levels of performance are Bitten (Zombie 111) Turned (Zombie 211) and Apocalypse (Zombie 222) available for respectively, $ 50,000 $ 75,000 and $ 125,000, range varies from 64 to 225km depending on the battery pack!
The demonstrator Zombie 222 costed $ 200,000!

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