(VIDEO) Toyota at the New York Auto Show - 2016 Lexus RX450h and hybrid RAV4


For the New York Auto Show, the Toyota group reveales two world premieres, the new and fourth generation RX and an all new hybrid version of the RAV4!

The new 2016 RX450h

The motor remains a 3.5l V6 hybrid whose power evolves just a little: more than 300hp announced instead of 299hp before... The brand does not communicate on a weight decrease, we will have to wait the final specs sheet with consumption and emissions figures!
On the design side, it is very angular, the completely redesigned front-end largely takes from the NX300h, such as the tall and wide wings, the LED taillights are all new!

The Hybrid RAV4

Presented - and therefore designed primarily for the US market - the first hybrid RAV4 is fitted with a 2.5l gasoline engine combined to an electric motor that powers the four wheels!!
After the Prius and its variations, Prius+, plug-in and Yaris hybrid, it is the turn of Toyota's small SUV to adopt the hybrid drive, in its segment and in this price range there is currently no competition! The hybrid RAV4 will be available from 2016

For now it is only two world premieres and information is distilled in dribs and drabs, we will keep you informed as soon as the brand reveals more specs!


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