The new Lexus RX presented in New York in just one week


In a press release, Lexus announced that they are about to present the succession of the hybrid SUV that largely participated to the reputation of the brand, the famous RX that marked its time.

Pioneer when it was launched 17 years ago - due to its positioning of SUV premium and hybrid powertrain - the Lexus RX will enjoy the range’s makeover and launch of new vehicles as the NX300h for example that we tested, or the concept car LF-SA launched in Geneva!

In this burst of dynamism, Lexus revises its flagship SUV, for now we have only a picture teaser in which you can see the NX’s style with bodybuilded wings and angular lines in the concept –car style, a style that defines the brand’s latest models, at the image of the incisive lights, or aggressive LEDs that underline the dynamism of the vehicle.

On the engine side, the era is no longer to 450h but rather 300h, but the new RX could also premiere a new powertrain designed specifically for him and that we could find in the GS and LS afterwards!

The answer will come in just a week, on April 1st at the opening of the New York Motor Show!

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