2015 Renault Zoé 30km more range and 500€ cheaper!


The 2015 Renault Zoé is available with a new electric motor nicknamed R240, here's a quick focus on this new option of Renault’s electric compact car!

The R240 motor is the new generation of electric drive on the Zoe, however, both remain on the catalog, compared to the generation Q210 the price of the motor only decreases by 500€ for an entry level price even more competitive!

The base price of the Renault Zoe now gets very close to the € 15,000 symbolic barrier at € 15,600 precisely after the bonus and without battery for the Life trim level!

R240 vs Q210 in brief

The advantages of the R240, increased range to 240km in NEDC instead of 210 previously and more efficient charge (faster) but limited to a power of 22kW instead of 43kW for the Q210!

The new motor is more efficient in the context of a domestic recharge (most of the users) but less versatile and suitable for long trips or high number of daily kilometers requiring fast charges.

This new feature allows an even more attractive entry level price but additional choice could also disturb the consumer in its purchase intention!

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