"ILY-A" a transformer single person mobility device


The company Aisin Seiki and the Chiba Institute of Technology recently presented a single-person electric mobility device that can take 4 different shapes!

This electric transporter is a single person three-wheeler that has been revealed this week in Japan, it can be small three wheeler with a seat, a kickscooter, or ultimately an electric caddie, then  fold to fit in your house with a minimal footprint!

In short, an assisted/lazy mode, a human-powered mode, a utility mode and a storage mode, a very interesting concept !!
Infrared sensors are placed on the handlebar, they allow emergency braking in case of unexpected obstacles, it runs on an angle of 270° and over a distance of 5 to 7m!

The Chiba IT handled the design and development of the prototype, Aisin will manage the put in production phase.

For now, no pricing or release date but a concept that deserves to see series production, clearly ILY-A is the most versatile single person transportation device in terms of form and function to suit all ages and needs!

Via TechOn Nikkei // Furo

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