Volkswagen GTE Sport Coupé, the new CC gets four wheel drive and 374hp!


Among other premieres for VW on the Geneva Motor Show we can discover a stylish plug-in hybrid coupe, the Sport Coupe Concept GTE

Latest evolution of VW's GTE engines

After the new Passat presented on the Paris Auto Show, it is the turn of the CC to receive a makeover and with a sporty plug-in hybrid powertrain, the GTE V6 petrol.

We recently talked about the plug-in GTE powertrain variants, after the 4-cylinder in the Golf and Passat we got a glimpse of the power rise with the Cross Coupe GTE presented in Detroit.

So here is a new demonstration with the Sport Coupe Concept, a sporty sedan with a sportback design, a concept already in the brand's catalog with the CC.

Fun and sobriety

This new CC presented as a concept-car on the Geneva Motor Show features a 374hp gasoline plug-in hybrid powertrain - gasoline returns on the front of the stage through hybridization as the consumption and emissions are announced at 2l  per 100km and 46g / km!

The two electric motors that assist the V6 offer respectively 40kW and 85kW on the front and rear axles, the range in electric only is 50km.

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