Quant Quantino a new electric coupe and more horsepower for Geneva!


Last year for the Geneva Motor Show we discovered Nunzio La Vecchia’s project, this entrepreneur who wants to be the European Elon Musk, whimsical and revolutionary, one year after its first presentation, we discover two new concepts from Nano Flow Cell, the Quant F more powerful and a coupe called Quantino!

e-Sportlimousine or Quant E

This luxury sedan that houses 650hp is powered by a new technology unexplored until then a new generation of battery with ionic fluids, a fuel cell operating with salted water!

Since its first presentation, the car which seemed like a utopia dream on the road has been approved in Germany and Europe to put into production, following two concepts therefore arrive in Geneva!

The Quant-F a e-Sportlimousine with more horsepower and more range

After the concept car, the F foreshadows the production version, it exceeds 1000hp at 1075hp spread over 4 motors for a range exceeding 800km!!

Quant Quantino: a new 2+2 electric sports-car

Quant also present this year the "little brother" of the E and F, a small sports coupe capable of reaching 200kph and announcing a range of 1000km thanks to two 175liters tanks of "ionic fluid" one charged positively, the other negatively!

To follow early March!

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