(VIDEO) Storm eBike raises $ 3,000,000 in one week for their fat tire electric bike!


By offering the opportunity to buy their electric bike at a reduced price, the company Storm ebike is making the buzz, raising more than $ 3 million in a week via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo!

The Storm concept is to provide an affordable fat tire electric bike priced at $ 1.299, but for the launch and for another 24 days, you can buy it at a special price!

About our French and European standards this is an e-bike and not pedelec with a power of 350Watt (limited to 250Watt for the pedelecs) - which therefore limit its use to private roads...

The Storm eBike that works with an accelerator reaches a speed of 32kph and can offer up to 80km of range thanks to the 36V and 10Ah battery that recharges in 90 minutes, the weight of the Storm eBike is 24.9kg.

Its design is very basic, but its large wheels give it a look and also eliminates the need for costly suspensions, finally the (removable) battery is enclosed in a case placed in center of the frame!

Launched on February 1, the project has been supported by more than 5,550 people, the first deliveries are expected from March 15, a nice US success story!

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