(VIDEO) Innvelo, an electric three-wheeler from Germany with futuristic looks


2015 seems to be the year of urban vehicles with three wheels after the E-Car333 and the Spira4U, the arrival on the market of electric microcars designed for urban commuting is growing fast!

After three years of development here is the first prototype of Innvelo, an urban electric car designed by Form & Drang, an industrial design.

Once again, everything is based around a chassis that allows to offer three variants of vehicle, a commercial, work and race version.

After three years and 2.1M € of development costs the Innvelo takes shape and reveals a final specs sheet, proposed at an estimated price of 10,000 € to 15,000 € it has premium looks.

The prototype is equipped with two electric motors developing 6.4kW in total and a 200Ah battery for a 100kph top speed and 100km of range, the announced weight is 400kg!

Form & Drang does not give details on a release date or put into production but seems to have good equation with a qualitative product with a futuristic look at a price in the market standards for electric microcars – composed mainly by the Twizy today – but which is set to evolve very quickly given the number of concepts and prototypes presented!

Via YankoDesign

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