Spira4U, a 236kg electric car with foam!


Finalist of the Automotive XPrize held from 2007 to 2010, the concept Spira4U is innovative, it is a very light vehicle that exists in petrol or electric version.

Very economical and efficient, the Spira4U in details

In development for almost 10 years the Spira4U is a three-wheeled vehicle that welcomes one passenger, the electric version is scalable and begins with a power of 10 kW, the petrol version is equipped with a 150cc engine.

The electric version is slightly heavier than the petrol version that weights only 200kg, the secret lies in its construction made from honeycomb composite for the chassis, the body is in fiberglass and lightweight foam (20cm thick at the front and 10cm at the back and on the sides).

Thanks to this construction the car floats, and an amphibious version is under development.

Prices and specs

The petrol version costs $ 5,000 with the 150cc Wangye Chinese engine.
The electric version is announced from $ 9000 with a 10kW motor, a second motor can be installed for an additional cost of $ 1,500, even if the vehicle already reaches 100kph with only one engine!

The basic 72amp battery pack allows to the 10kW model to travel up to 115km, the add-on pack that doubles the range costs $ 3,500.

Recharging takes four hours but designers Spira4U also think about the battery swap for a prompt exchange.

Lon Ballard founder Spira4U exhibits on the NAIAS an initial set of (pre) production units in order to find support and financing!

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