E-Car 333, an electric microcar with three wheels from Belgium!


During the Brussels Auto Show, the Company E-Car 333 has revealed an electric three-seater microcar with three wheels in pre-series version!

Belgian and durable construction

Its designer Xavier Van der Stappen highlights a 100% Belgian manufacturing the E-Car 333’s chassis allows six possible variations with convertible and utility versions expected. The chassis is made from recycled steel and the body is made from laminated flax, the whole car has been designed in Belgium and will be manufactured locally!


Prices and specs

With a launch scheduled for 2016, the E-Car 333 is available from € 18,000, it announces 300 km of range, reaches 130kph and recharges in 3 hours on a normal plug!

Luxury Twizy

With its closed cockpit and three seats, the E-Car 333 is polyvalent with a price starting at € 18,000 (battery included), but up to € 42,000 for the full options version - for example, the version presented at the show costs 35,000 €.

Two optional motors, 15 or 25kW, and a low voltage 9..6kWh LiPo battery.

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Via Electrive

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