Cross Coupé GTE, the new Touareg gets a 360hp plug-in hybrid engine


On the occasion of the Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen presents another SUV concept called Cross Coupe but in a plug-in hybrid version, GTE!

The GTE powertrain was the center of attention in all the VW models presented at the Paris Auto Show but for the American market, the GTE name now also refers to a 360hp hybrid V6 engine!
While in Europe VW’s GTE engines are based on four-cylinders and offer a maximum output of 218hp in the Passat GTE, the US market requires a V6 to power VW’s SUV!

The name Cross Coupé appeared in 2011 with a first concept, this 2015 version with its Touareg dimensions (4.85m) certainly foreshadows the future of the model and the new flagship engine, a gasoline plug-in hybrid composed of a 3.6l V6 (280hp and 350nm) and two electric motors (40 and 85kW).

Thanks to this power the Cross Coupe GTE reaches 100kph in a mere 6 seconds while the 14.1kWh battery (9.9kWh for our European GTE) offers 32 km of autonomy (50km for the Passat).

The production of the series model should begin by the end of 2016 in 5 and 7 seats versions, let’s wait the Geneva Auto Show to see if that Cross Coupe GTE crosses the Atlantic and what engine it will feature!

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