(VIDEO) Series Honda NSX revealed in Detroit, wants to eat the Bmw i8


Honda (and Acura) kept teasing the replacement for their legendary supercar, it is this year's Detroit Auto Show that sees the production version of the new NSX, more aggressive than the concept, it keeps  the hybrid 4 wheel drive SH-AWD technology.

Like the first NSX, Honda takes its time to develop its iconic sportscar, teased for already more than 2 years, engineers and designers from Honda refined, tuned and finally show the series model with a design that gains aggressiveness thanks to new intakes and increased dimensions.
Longer by almost 8 cm and 2.5cm wider it is more impressive than the concept, no precise figures at the moment but the weight will be low, in line with the original NSX and its forst of the kind all aluminium construction, the 2016 NSX innovates with a multi-material aluminum, carbon and steel.

550hp hybrid four-wheel drive

Regarding the engine, the twin-turbo V6 is mounted longitudinally, it drives the rear wheels while the electric motor takes care of the front for a more dynamic and incisive handling.

The 9-speed gearbox has been developped by Acura.

This NSX 2016 offers the possibility to drive in all-electric on a few kilometers or to enjoy the expected 550hp combined!
With the BMW i8, the 2016 NSX will be the second hybrid supercar available on the market, let’s wait for the price to see how much the 4WD and additional 200hp will cost!

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