(VIDEO) Mercedes F015 Luxury in movement is autonomous and hydrogen hybrid


The Las Vegas CES that opens today is the trendy show automakers, their most high-tech concepts are introduced there, here is the Mercedes F015 a vision of the automotibe in 2030.

This limousine with S-Class dimensions 5.20m long, 2m wide and 1.5m high is an autonomous vehicle combining a hydrogen and plug-in hybrid technology – such as the recent hydrogen vehicles presented Audi A7 H-Tron for instance.

Plug-in hybrid and hydrogen

This technology called F-Cell Plug-In Hybrid was already powering the F125 concept in 2011, in the F015 it offers 272hp and 400nm in peak from two electric motors that drive the rear axle.
The total range of 1100km decomposes in 200km in electric only (29kWh battery) and 900km from the fuel cell (consumption of 0.6kg of hydrogen per 100km)!

Autonomous driving

The autonomous driving technology is based on the one already presented in the S-Class 500 Intelligent Drive and Future Truck 2025.

Interior of the Mercedes F015

The Mercedes F015 becomes more than ever a private lounge with organic materials.
The four seats rotate for an optimum modularity, each door opens at 90 ° for an easy access regardless of the seat position, especially because of the lack of B-pillars made possible by to the body structure.

Structure and Safety

The Mercedes F015 is based on CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) such as BMW i for example but also aluminum.

The hydrogen cylinders are also in CFRP for a maximum strength with minimum weight they store 5.4kg of hydrogen.

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