Tesla upgrades the Roadster with up to 50% more range!


The Roadster 3.0 consists in an upgrade of the existing car, Tesla pushes the envelope by taking advantage of the experience gained with the Model S.

Improvements in the Roadster 3.0 are focused on three points, first the battery, this roadster can accommodate in the same space as the previous pack 70kWh of capacity with new cells (53kWh for the Roadster 2.5).

Then, the updates affect aerodynamics and rolling resistance: the drag coefficient (Cx) is improved by 15% to 0.31 through a retrofit body kit, about the rolling resistance the 3.0 version receives new tires and new wheel bearings.

Thanks to these updates Tesla announces an range increased by 40 to 50% and demonstrates the possibilities of evolution and update of older models. Range should reach 400miles (644 km)!

The first public demonstration will take place early in 2015 with a non-stop trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles! Price and additional info are expected shortly after!

That keeps some suspense awaiting for the reveal of a new roadster which could bear the name of Model R, it is expected at the 2017-2018 horizon.

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