(VIDEO) GeoDrone: French Post tests delivery drones


After the hydrogen quadricycles MobyPost that we presented last September, the French Post continues to innovate and tests delivery drones.

More specifically it is the subsidiary GeoPost (express mail) from La Poste Group which tests with the CEEMA a first prototype of its GeoDrone, the CEEMA is the Center of Studies and Testing for Autonomous Models which is located in the South of France close to Aix en Provence.

The GeoDrone featuring six rotors weighs 3.7kg, it is monitored in real-time. It can transport a package of 40 * 30 * 20 weighing up to 4kg with a 20km range.

The first tests have been carried out last year – without any human intervention during the flight - and have validated the viability of the GeoDrone service.

With this service, LaPoste shows that it can compete with the most innovative transport operators such as UPS, DHL, or Amazon.
For the moment, GeoPost does not give details on the implementation of this service, but to give some figures: via DPD, GeoPost is the first delivery service in the B to B in France and third in Europe in 2013 with sales of 4.39 billion!

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