(VIDEO) Fly like a bird with Birdly


If you have always dreamed of flying like a bird, thanks the University of Zurich in partnership with the Design and Research Institute Ide, it is now a reality with a simulator that reproduces movements and sensations that the bird feels on flight.

The simulator named Birdly was designed after a brainstorming for the exhibition SVS / BirdLife that seeks to sensibilize visitors about bird life and to make an impression, Max Rheiner, the project leader decided to give birth to this flight simulator.

The Zurich Univeristy of Arts in partnership with the IDE gathered a team of three to four people on this project for a period of one year, the result is a simulator developed entirely in-house reproduces  movements and even the feeling of the wind with a fan, a 360 and 3D vision goggles further amplifies the impression of flight.

Suitable from 8 years old, Birdly is part of the exhibition SVS / BirdLife and serves to educate visitors about the birds' environment.

The fantastic flying fools that have always looked to fly freely will finally be able to mimic a bird and fly over San Francisco that serves as the simulator's landscape.

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