Toyota Mirai detailed in videos


First hydrogen car to be mass-produced and sold worldwide, the Toyota Mirai is already victim of its success, in fact, soon after its launch, the manufacturer has already announced that demand exceeded expectations and production capacity, so let’s have a closer look on this revolution that will bring the fuel cell on our roads.

So far the fuel cell remained a "laboratory" technology tested in some fleets but the extension of the offer of clean vehicles, whether electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid, push manufacturers to explore other tracks.

In fact, the Toyota Mirai sold at € 66,000 without taxes is Toyota’s first fuel cell vehicle, it cuts the grass under the foot the Honda FCX Clarity that has been tested for 10 years and also the Hyundai iX35 Fuel Cell.

To help us understand the technology in every detail, Toyota offers a series of videos on the car and fuel cell technology.

But it still remains an infrastructure to implement with the storage and transport of hydrogen that are not simple and the development of both hydrogen and electric recharge infrastructure that could cannibalize…

Scheduled for a few months after the Mirai, the Honda FCV will be a serious competitor!

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