Ouch! A brand new Porsche 918 Spyder crashes in China


The Porsche 918 Spyder is the most ultimate Porsche, a 887hp hybrid hypercar that costs € 777,997 in France, while all the units are reserved or already delivered, it hurts to see a brand new one meet  a tree.

This happened in China in the night, probably father and son took a ride on their new hypercar, a 918 Spyder without plates and therefore barely out of the garage, the small streets Chinese not being exactly designed for such power... the car hit a tree at the front left end and given the new location of the front wheel, we can imagine that it will be hard to repair!
Driver and passenger were not injured ...

The same week a rumor appears via the UK magazine Autocar about a possible progeny to this 918 Spyder hybrid hypercar. Capitalizing on the experience gained with the 918 a new model would already be under consideration, although it may take 10 years before we see a model with such specs strengthen the ranks of Porsche’s range.

The accident was reported to us by our correspondent based in Shanghai, China

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