(VIDEO) Electric car for the Dakar by ACCIONA


Several Rallye cars in electric or hybrid have been presented as the 207 S2000 Rally-e, Tim Coronel's buggy or the Oscar EO - until now none had enough range for an entire race as the Dakar - but the Spanish company Acciona developed an interesting prototype!

Acciona is a company listed on the Ibex35, they specialize in renewable energy and have developed a prototype, technology demonstrator, which can travel more than 350km in race conditions, just enough for a Dakar stage!

The Acciona Dakar, will enter the Dakar in the category T1 alternative energy, to this end it houses 140kWh of battery on a tubular chassis developed in-house, they are divided into four removable packs for a total weight from 1250kg to 2550kg whether one or four packs are installed.

The electric motor provides 220kW - 300hp and 700nm of torque to achieve the speed (electronically limited) of 150 kph.

Designed to showcase their technology and performance of their photovoltaic cells (100Wh) Acciona will supply its electric 4x4 with solar energy.
Three charging powers are accepted by the prototype, 220V, 400V or 50kW for fast charging!
The drivers of this "Acciona Dakar" are Albert Bosch and copilot Augustin Paya.

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