Leap for the Leaf, 400km+ range for the next Nissan Leaf


During an interview to a Japanese media (Tokyo News Channel) Carlos Ghosn gave tips about the range of the next Nissan Leaf whose range could double and reach 400km!

Thanks to new motors and batteries with twice the energy density, the autonomy of Nissan’s electric compact sedan could reach 400km.

Nissan’s  idea is to come as close as possible to the range currently offered by combustion cars and thus to extend the range and the market of the electric vehicle!

Regarding the cost, it should remain the same despite the leap!

Jeff Kuhlman, a Nissan spokesman just commented this interview saying that the issue of range will soon be “off the table”!

The technology is apparently ready to be installed in electric vehicles and so a small revolution possible in the short to medium term ... Renault’s ZE range should also take advantage of this advance!

Precisely, during the interview Carlos Ghosn told that the autonomy of the next generation could be more than 400km!
We are eager to learn more, but for now no reveal date has been announced for the new Leaf.

Two other announcements regarding the Leaf, travelled by its users since the launch in late 2010 and 200.000 vehicles sold by the alliance Renault-Nissan (147.000 Leafs!).

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