BMW plug-in hybrids, all the core models


BMW has just revealed a new plug-in hybrid technology adaptable across the range and announces upcoming models, a plug-in hybrid 3 Series and concepts of new generation hybrid vehicles.

According to BMW this offer is an answer to longer trips that cannot be met by electric vehicles such as the i3.

BMW 3 Series plug-in

For the 3 Series eDrive (probable name if we refer to the plug-in hybrid X5 - because at the moment no name is announced) features a gasoline four-cylinder Twin-Power Turbo and an electric motor, eDrive technologies derived from BMWi such as the battery - the combined power is announced at 245hp for 400nm of torque with a range of 35km, emissions 50g/km and fuel consumption of 2l per 100km.

Possibilities of the BMW plug-in hybrid technology

The brand announces that its new technology can offer a combined power of 500kW (670hp) and batteries up to 20kWh for an electric range up to 100km instead of the usual 50km of plug-in hybrids.

For the record some days ago there was talks between BMW and Tesla on batteries and also the presentation of a rechargeable hybrid 5 Series 530Le for the Chinese market only!

This announcement also echoes Audi’s plug-in hybrid offensive.

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