Supernova EV - SNEV-1 an Indian electric car


The "first Indian electric car" has just been presented at the Gujarat "Auto Show 2014", it can reach 150kph and 500km of range.

Presented by its designer Shashi Vyas who develops the Supernova through his company Golden Arrow Wireless, Supernova electric vehicle or SNEV is a two-seater coupe which should arrive on Indian roads by 2015.
In its design it has something of the Bertone concept cars of the 90s (and the idea we had of the cars of the future then...) with its cockpit that opens like a fighter but without the finesse and pen stroke.

About its specs, despite the sporty look of the SNEV-1, its 78hp and 160nm engine only allows a 0 to 100kph in 9.9 seconds - however, range is announced between 220 and 300km from a simple lead acid battery a LiFePO4 optional pack doubles the range - the “dry weight" is announced at 925kg.

The monocoque chassis is in aluminum & steel, it integrates the battery, the body is in fiberglass - with the intention of making it biodegradable in the future!

The SNEV is also available as an hybrid hydrogen - natural gas and in normal combustion (SNEV-2 and SNEV-3)

The deliveries are expected in late 2015 for prices between 24 and $ 40,000 depending on the model, SNEV would have already recorded 250 bookings ...

To be continued!

Photos via / SuperNovaEV

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