Rally-e an electric rally car


On the Wiechers Sport stand at the Essen show is presented an interesting electric Peugeot 207 S2000!

Based on a Peugeot 207 S2000 - a model specially designed for the Rally - Stohl Racing ordered an electric conversion called Rally-e!

There is no video of the machine in action but with 400kW (presumably in peak) and 880nm of torque for 1500kg, it must be quite an experience!!
The 0 to 100kph takes three seconds and the top speed is set at 180kph.

This Rally-e electric 207 has 4 wheel drive thanks to two electric motors, the battery (undisclosed capacity) is placed in a special cage between the pilot and co-pilot, removable, it can be exchanged in 5 minutes through a system specially designed and integrated directly in the transport trailer.

In order not to disturb or alter the habits of fans of the genre, the 207 Rally-e features a sound generator!

We look forward to the demonstration of the Rally-e as apart from Tim Coronel’s prototype and the Oscar-eO there is no real electric rally car that could have its own championship for instance.

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