Vw Group, fuel-cell, yes they can!


After the concept of Audi A7 H-Tron, the VW group presents another variation of their hydrogen powertrain in two vehicles, the Passat and Golf Sportwagen HyMotion

While the A7 H-Tron is an e-Quattro that has 230hp 540nm offering the ability to drive in electric only (PHEV) thanks to a 8.8kWh battery pack, the HyMotion technology is simpler and more reasonable, a 100kW/136hp motor and a range of 500km that allows it to compete with the very close to production Toyota Mirai and its 480km!

Like the GTE (PHEV) powertrain already presented in the Golf and Passat on the Paris Auto Show, the HyMotion technology can be fitted to all the models based on the MQB modular platform.

Presented in Los Angeles (where the infrastructure is more developed thanks to the FCX Clarity tested for the last 10 years) the Passat and Golf Sportwagen HyMotion demonstrate the intentions of the group and their ability to offer easily different positioning and different retail prices, even with breaking technologies, enough to take seriously a potential offensive of the group as soon as the infrastructure will be mature!

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