(VIDEO) Audi A7 H-Tron, hydrogen is So Cal!


While we introduced yesterday two Japanese hydrogen sedans, the Toyota Mirai and Honda FCV, on the LA Auto Show Audi also reveals an H-Tron fuel cell prototype!

The A7 Sportback H-Tron is a technology demonstrator and a statement of intent for the fuel cell - it has a respectable power given its size, 230hp and 540nm of torque for a range announced at 500km with a consumption of one kg of hydrogen per 100km (equivalent to 3.7liters per 100km).

But the A7 H-Tron is also a plug-in hybrid capable of running 50km in electric mode only thanks to its 8.8kWh battery - which recharges while driving or can be plugged on an domestic outlet in 4hours.

Audi oblige, the A7 H-Tron is a Quattro with its two electric motors (e-Quattro).

Through this demonstrator, Audi says to be ready to launch this technology in series production as soon as the infrastructure will be ready - but for the moment no price or release date!

Also on the Los Angeles Auto Show, the new Passat featuring the same technology will be revealed, the Passat HyMotion.

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