RX1E: a Chinese electric aircraft


We regularly introduce new electric aircrafts, this is the first "series" coming from China.

Indeed, after the USA and Europe with the Slovenes from Pipistrel as leaders, China -who leads the dance in terms of volumes of electric vehicles sold with two wheelers, electric scooters and bicycles- launches into the electric aviation with the RX1E, a demonstrator presented at the 10th International Chinese Aviation and Space conference.

This show called Airshow China takes place in Zhuhai, province of Guangdong.

Developed by the University of Shenyang in partnership with Ruixiang the RX1E should receive certification by "the end of the year" before entry into production the following year with a capacity of 100 units per year on next three years, its price is announced at 1 million Yuan / € 130,320

About its specs it can take up to 480kg at a maximum speed of 150kph with a range of 230km or 90 minutes thanks to a 10kWh battery pack - charging is announced in 40 minutes.

Via CafeFoundation.org

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