Fuel cell, the new technological race for Japanese manufacturers?


The same week for the LA Auto Show Honda and Toyota, two manufacturers actively start a race for hydrogen/fuel-cell powertrain - but others are also expected as Audi with the H-Tron technology and a rumor of BMW i5 with hydrogen powered by Toyota!

But before the project and rumors that we will present in future articles, here is the first hydrogen series vehicle.
Presented on the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011 as FCV concept it has later been  dubbed Mirai and is officially priced at € 66,000 without taxes.

Specifications of the Toyota Mirai

Range of 480km
154hp and 335nm
Maximum speed of 178kph
Weight of 1850kg

Its launch is announced in the United States and Europe in September (Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom).

But while Toyota is way ahead in the hybrid market, its direct competitor may get a rematch.

Honda FCV
Indeed, in front, Honda has been working for long on this technology with the FCX Clarity launched in the US for almost 10 years allowing a much greater range, 700km for only a few horsepower less at 136hp - no more info for now .

However, on the marketing side Honda will come a year later in 2016!

Duel to follow!

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