The Bylot e-formidable electric bike hails to the 60s


After our discovery of impressive prototypes of electric motorcycles by Italjet on the EICMA Show, we found another interesting new product that has yet escaped the headlines and that we present nearly in premiere, here is the electric bike Bylot e-formidable!

Bylot or Moto Bylot is a young company based in Monza and founded by Enrico Farina, they presented their first (combustion) prototype in 2012 already on the EICMA Show in just two years they now present other variants and electric motorcycles!

The adventure of the electric powertrain began last year with two flashy colors cross models presenting different styles, the Bylot e-Scrambler and e-Travers that have the same specs.

They are based on a proven tech, with Quantya batteries (2 years warranty), the feature a 8.5kW and 31.5Nm motor in peak allowing a maximum speed of 80kph for a range of about an hour and a total weight of 95kg. Their price is not disclosed!

The electric motorcycle Bylot e-formidable presented in world premiere on the show is more faithful to Bylot’s vintage spirit with a design right out of the 60s, this time it is powered by Quantya motor (15kW continuous and 25kW in peak) fed by a 5.2kWh battery for two hours of range, the maximum speed rises to 130kph while the weight is kept at 108kg!

Retail is expected in 2015 at a price of € 12,000!

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