(VIDEO) The fastest accelerating vehicle is a (rocket) bicycle, 0 to 333kph in 4.8 seconds!


Last week on the Paul Ricard race track HTTP, Francois Gissy won/ripped a new speed record on a bicycle reaching 333kph in 4.8 seconds!

Set on November 7th this new record surpasses the one set by the pilot last year: 285kph on the airfield of Interlaken, Switzerland.

Its bicycle Kamikaze V is the creation of the engineer Arnold Neracher which under the name Exotic Thermo Engineering develops since the 90s speed record rocket bicycles!

The Kamikaze V runs on hydrogen peroxide (H202) and features three thrusters for this record!
Although the acceleration is hard to imagine, the braking phase is equally dangerous with only four jaws – a little weak to stop a rocket!!

Supported by the Paul Ricard race track, Exotic Thermo Engineering finally got a track to match its ambitions; here are some figures 0 to 100kph in 1.1secondes and 300kph in 4.1 seconds with a 3.1g max thrust! It takes more of a jet fighter than a “bicloune”... The maximum speed is reached in only 250 meters!

And to make it visually eloquent, a F430 Scuderia starts with the Kamikaze from the grid but quickly finds itself way behind the rocketman!

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