(VIDEO) The Tesla Model S gets five stars at the Euro NCAP crash test


After the 5 stars at the US crash test from the NHTSA it is in front of the even more demanding Euro NCAP than Tesla electric sedan shined last week with a 5 stars rating for the Model S.

The version tested is a LHD 2014 Model S 85kWh, taking advantage of the rigidity imparted by the batteries in the chassis - which are now highly secured, especially after some fire start due to some impact in the undercarriage, everything has been corrected and this 5 star grade will reassure and contribute even more to the success of the Model S in Europe!

For the record here are the other grades of electric vehicles (detailled grades below)

Renault Zoe (5 stars)
Nissan Leaf (2012 - 5 stars)
BMW i3 (4 stars)
Fluence ZE (2011 - 4 stars)
Nissan e-NV200 (3 stars)

In this list misses the last few newly arrived models as the Chevy Spark EV or Kia SOUL EV whose test will arrive soon!

Coming back to Tesla, while we eagerly awaited news of the Model 3 and Model X, for 2015 it is a four-wheel drive Model S with autonomous capabilities that will appear on the roads!

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