(VIDEO) EICMA Piaggio presents the Electric Bike Project


After automakers like Smart or BMW, Piaggio presents a first prototype of electric bike – the Electric Bike Project

Unlike the Smart e-bike whose electrification has been entrusted to BionX, Piaggio has developed and built in-house all the components of the e-bike.

Drawing on their experience with variable transmissions, Piaggio offers a variable transmission assisted by an electric motors in its e-bike, the DEA (Dynamic Engine Assistance).

Imagined as a concept bike that takes into account the mobility needs at 360 degrees, it hosts a dedicated platform called PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) with smartphone synchronization, GPS chip and dedicated apps that communicate via Bluetooth and NFC with your phone - the USB port is only used for charging and for software updates.

The PMP offers a navigation system but also applications to facilitate interactions between cyclists.

The "250W-350W" motor has also been developed in-house by Piaggio, the (removable with handle) 400Wh battery allows a range of 60 to 120km.

No information yet about the intentions of Piaggio but the product looks very close to a marketable one in the short term, and the importance of the R&D quite revealing...

To be continued!

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