Velorapida adopts the ZeHus Bike+ kit for an unlimited range!


A few months ago we introduced the electric bikes Velorapida, an Italian brand that grows very fast thanks to refined and stylish products at the right price, the latest news is the arrival of the must in terms of electrification kit, the ZeHus Bike+ that offers three modes of assistance for a range going from 30km to infinity!

It's not the EICMA show but the much more elegant Italian Embassy in Paris – during an exhibition on crafts and creativity - that Velorapida introduced its new range VELOPLUS featuring the ZeHus technology.

More about Bike+ ZeHUs, that we also introduced some time ago, imagined by the Milan Polytechnic School is an all in one system that fits in the rear hub for a total weight of 3kg!

The result allows a design bicycle not carrying the electrification on it lines with only a few pounds more.
Four versions of the VELOPLUS are available with prices ranging from € 2,650 to € 3,150 for the Yacht model shown in photos.

Another highlight of this kit, three driving modes from the most assisted to unlimited range through optimized energy regeneration with retro-pedaling!

-The e-bike mode provides continuous assistance of your effort and 30km of range.
-The range extender mode in which the kit goes in regen mode as soon as the effort goes down, for a range of 90km
-And Finally the Bike+ mode that assists simply when you most need it (start, acceleration and uphill) for a range announced as unlimited!

In detail, the kit includes a 160Wh Lithium battery, a 250Watt motor, a control unit, a Bluetooth interface and sensors.

With the advent of this new technology bikes VeloRapida will therefore be able to pass the bag that housed up to now the battery of their electric bikes!

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