(VIDEO) LA Auto Show, MB G-Code, mini SUV, maxi regen!


Update of yesterday's article with the video of Mercedes' Concept Vision G-Code

For the Los Angeles Auto Show which opens its doors in a few days, Mercedes reveals a SUV coupe which is called G-Code, an hydrogen hybrid SUV. 

Smaller than the GLA 

The Mercedes G-Code only measures 4.1m, slightly more than 30cm difference with the GLA crossover, a SUV in Coupe variant – after the AMG GT or S-Class Coupe it is MB’s latest hottest trend now! 

Demonstrator of new technologies for energy regeneration 

The G-Code adopts the very best in the field, its "multi-voltaic" paint acts as photovoltaic cells but also as electrostatic energy recovery through the wind and finally, suspensions also produce some energy. 

Taking advantage of its powertrain tech, the G-Code reuses oxygen generated in the hydrogen reaction and sends it to the cockpit to provide clean air even in traffic jams! 

Fun and clever 

The front grille displays the chosen driving mode by changing color (red, purple or blue) and to facilitate your urban commute, two electric scooters are placed under the trunk and recharge when the vehicle is running.

About its technology in detail, for the moment, we just know that the G-Code has a turbocharged combustion engine at the front and an electric motor at the rear. 

For the record, another Mercedes concept had been spotted recently and is also expected at the La Auto Show.

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